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My new website for my 3D printing services is up:

Are you a small business in need of an action figure prototype?
Are you an artist who always wanted to turn a character you designed into an action figure?
Are you a collector who wants a truly unique figure for his collection?

Then check out my website and I can make your ideas come true.
BigBadToyStore has now some of my older resin figures in stock. All of those were limited to 50 and I already sold a lot through my own webshop. So if any of you still want them get them now before it is too late. Get them here:…
Thanks again to deviantART for giving me another Daily Deviation for Mechawhales Animation II: Venegance of the Mechawhales.

I hope you all like it.

Also the PVC figure is still available for preorders here:…

Mechawhale PVC Figure Promotion I by hauke3000

Thanks for all the support from my visitors over the years.

My Mechawhales PVC figure is finally available for distribution.
Retailers can now order the Mechawhales PVC figure via DKE TOYS Distribution.
If you want one, tell your local hobby store or favorite online retailer to get them for you.

The Mechawhales figure is 5.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. It is made from PVC and has a highly detailed paintjob. The shoulders, wrists and tail can be rotated. The figure comes in a collector friendly box that makes it very easy to take the figure out of the packaging and putting it in again. It also comes with a cardboard diorama for displaying the figure outside the box.

Manufacturer: Deep Fried Figures GmbH
Designer: Hauke Scheer
Articulation: 5 points (shoulders, wrists, tail)
Measurements: ca. 3.5 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep
Material: PVC
Suggested Retail $45
Mechawhales Animation ! got a Daily Deviation. I am super happy about this. Thanks to everyone who has supported my stuff over the years!
Finally finished my first Mechawhales animation. It is more action then story and my animation skills still need a lot of improvement but still I think it turned out nice. Hope you alle enjoy it too. Hopefully I will soon be able to produce a figure to go along with the animation too.
To celebrate the relase of the Bionic Bjorn figure. I put part two of the Bionic Bjoern animation up on deviantart:…

The Bionic Bjoern resin figure is now available at:
It is limited to 50 pieces, made from resin and fully painted.
For those of you visiting or living close to Frankfurt am Main in Germany, some of my figures can currently be seen at the local comic shop T3 Terminal Entertainment.
I made a new animation for an older character called Warsnail. I have added some screenshots of the animation, a picture of an upcoming resin figure and even the animation itself to my gallery.
I have finished my first animation for the Bionic Bjoern character. It is too big for deviantart but you can check it out on youtube…
I uploaded some screenshots to my gallery here so check them out if you like. :-)
I just uploaded some characters I did for games I worked on. These characters are very different from my personal work. In fact you would probably not recognize them as my work if you saw them. :-)
However I quite enjoy doing something different professionally then I doing as a private person. It is always interesting to try a different art style. And it is also much easier to give away the rights to a character design when it is something you would not want to use for yourself. :-)
I hope I can upload the rest of the characters by the end of the week. Then it is back to my personal stuff.
I have been upgrading my account recently so I decided it was time to add lots of art to my gallery. In the last couple of days I have added mostly personal work. But today I started some professional work I have done. This is all stuff from projects that were unfortunately never finished for some reason or another. The good thing is that I accepted to retain the rights for a lot of the characters I made for those projects as part of payment. So a lot of stuff you see here is actually still owned by me. :-)
Also I will add a project called "The last Warsnail" later. This started as a personal project but I gave away the rights to that project to a game company a couple of years ago. They never did anything with it and now I have gotten the rights back again. I am excited to work on those characters again. I will definitely get toys made of some of them. :-)
In the next couple of days I will add work from projects that DID actually and up as proper games as well as some characters I did for advertisement.